Research & Policy Development

In collaboration with other public and private agencies, NACADA is mandated to facilitate, conduct, promote and coordinate research and dissemination of findings on data on alcohol and drug abuse and serve as the repository of such data. 


In view of this, NACADA conducts both national and targeted regional specific surveys to document the magnitude, trends and effects of alcohol and drug abuse to guide policy and programmes. In 2012, NACADA conducted a national ADA follow-up survey and it emerged that alcohol is still the most abused substance in the country with 5.5% of the population aged 15-65 years showing signs of dependence towards alcohol use.


Towards addressing the national data needs identified during the national ADA conferences organized by NACADA, the Authority has funded 8 surveys to Kenyan researchers. This year, NACADA will support 10 academic research studies on ADA to Masters and PhD students in a programme aimed at nurturing interest in this area.



Further, the Authority has embarked on strengthening the Resource Centre to provide a one stop repository for alcohol and drug abuse resource materials in the country. This is being done in partnership with the Kenya National Library Service and it will be accessible to all Kenyans.

Abused Substances 
Alcohol ALCOHOL Effects Immediate effects of alcohol on the brain and body The first few drinks...
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Abused Substances
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco
  • Marijuana/ Bhang
  • Inhalants & Solvents
  • Heroin
  • Cocaine
  • Prescription Drugs
  • HIV/AIDS and Drugs
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                            Call our Helpline on 1192 free of charge, 24 Hours a day for help on alcohol and drug abuse. Thank you for supporting a drug-free nation.