This Directorate has four main units:

  1. The Regulatory Services Unit
  2. Social Work Unit
  3. Addiction Counseling Unit
  4. Medical/Rehabilitation Unit.

Regulatory Services Unit strengthens the mechanisms for provision of vetted, quality and holistic treatment and rehabilitation for persons with Substance Use Disorders. Main activities include certification of addiction professionals, accreditation of training institutions and building the capacity of Treatment   & Rehabilitation Centers’ staff.

The Social Work Unit

Supports disadvantaged populations access community-based rehabilitation services by establishing outreach programs among target populations and developing policy and strategy for advocacy for access and affordability of rehabilitation services in the country.

The Addiction Counseling Unit

Supports disadvantaged populations access counseling and referral services through the provision of 24-hour helpline addiction counseling and linkages to locally available services.

The Medical/Rehabilitation Unit

Supports the establishment of institutional mechanisms for quality control in centres offering treatment and rehabilitation of persons with Substance Use Disorders. The Authority has developed a National Policy for Treatment and Rehabilitation and established National Standards on Treatment and Rehabilitation of persons with Substance Use Disorders. These standards guide the treatment and rehabilitation centers in Kenya on Management and appropriate qualifications of personnel. Since 2011, NACADA has conducted annual inspection of treatment and rehabilitation Centre’s to ascertain adherence to these standards. The findings and recommendations are shared with these Centers through consultative forums.

NACADA also certifies addiction counselors and has in the last two years assisted Coast General and Moi Teaching and Referral hospitals to establish Treatment and Rehabilitation Centres.
Through its toll-free 24 hour Helpline number 1192, clients have been given psychosocial support and offered referral services on issues of drugs and substance abuse.    

Abused Substances 
Alcohol ALCOHOL Effects Immediate effects of alcohol on the brain and body The first few drinks...
Cocaine Cocaine Effects How Does Cocaine Affect the Brain? Cocaine is a strong central nervous...
Abused Substances
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco
  • Marijuana/ Bhang
  • Inhalants & Solvents
  • Heroin
  • Cocaine
  • Prescription Drugs
  • HIV/AIDS and Drugs
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                            Call our Helpline on 1192 free of charge, 24 Hours a day for help on alcohol and drug abuse. Thank you for supporting a drug-free nation.