Findings from a National Survey on Alcohol and Drug Abuse conducted by NACADA in 2012 shows that 13.3% of Kenyans are currently using alcohol, 9.1% tobacco, 1.0% bhang and 0.1% heroin.

  • Overall, bhang is the most easily available illicit drug in the country at 49% followed by cocaine while heroin is the least available illicit drug in the country;
  • Alcohol is the most commonly abused substance in the country and poses the greatest harm to Kenyans as evidenced by the numerous calamities associated with excessive consumption and adulteration of illicit brews;
  • Among the different types of alcoholic drinks, traditional liquor is the most easily accessible type of alcohol followed by wines and spirits and lastly chang’aa;
  • 30 % of Kenyans aged 15-65 have ever consumed alcohol in their life; 13.3% of Kenyans currently consume alcohol that means that at least 4 million people. 
  • Traditional liquor is still more likely to have been consumed by rural children than urban children. More children in rural areas are likely to have ever consumed chang’aa than those in urban areas.
  • The current use of all intoxicating substances is higher among men than women; for instance, the current usage of tobacco is largely limited to males except in North Eastern Province. Comparatively, the survey showed that 17% of men smoke tobacco while only 2.1% of women use tobacco products.
  • Since the last survey in 2007, it is noted there has been a decline in the use of cigarettes, tobacco. Worrying, though is that the median age of first use of all drugs has gone as low as 10 years.


Abused Substances 
Abused Substances
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco
  • Marijuana/ Bhang
  • Inhalants & Solvents
  • Heroin
  • Cocaine
  • Prescription Drugs
  • HIV/AIDS and Drugs
  • Your Story 
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                            Call our Helpline on 1192 free of charge, 24 Hours a day for help on alcohol and drug abuse. Thank you for supporting a drug-free nation.